Parental communication

Effective communication between parents and staff is crucial to the kid’s growth. Similarly, the cord of communication should be strong between parents and kids. Carolina Kids Learning Center understands the importance of parental communication and tries new ways to join the strings of healthy discussion.

Parent-Staff Communication

High-quality communication between parent & staff is the main key. We constantly seek to improve the communication between parents and staff to fill any loophole. At Carolina Kids Learning Center, we use plenty of techniques to improve our communication with parents. We let them know about their child’s progress and provide them useful guidance. We schedule meetings for parents & staff for the healthy exchange of information.

  • Parents get to know about their kids’ progress.
  • Transparent communication helps in identifying the loopholes.
  • The cord of trust gets build up between parents & our staff.
Parental Communications
Parental Communications

Parent-Child Communication

A healthy relationship between parents and kids is necessary for kids’ growth. The authoritarian and permissive parenting is harmful to kids. We encourage parents to talk to their kids and listen to their opinions. There is no problem with kids making mistakes as they learn from mistakes and continue to grow. When parents understand their kids, it is always a plus to the overall well-being and development of kids. We play our part in improving the interaction between parents and children. Here are few chunks healthy advices to improve relationship with children

  • Listen to your kid’s opinion and make them feel valued.
  • Take out time from your busy schedule and have a chit-chat session with your child.
  • Be involved in your children life and let them know that you are there for them.

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Parental Communications

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Parental Communications