How to Protect Your Child from Bullying?

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There are some aspects that parents should know when it comes to having to protect their children from being bullied and avoid intimidating others. While this is considered an evil that has no end and, therefore, cannot be eradicated entirely, but control can be taken, and action can be taken against the author. Teaching your children to control their behavior and their response to bullying is a way to start, and, if done correctly, more problems can be avoided.

What does bullying do?

A child’s ego is very fragile when he is being bullied due to a ruthless and cruel mockery. At those times, they need validation. Therefore, if your child tells you that you are being bullied at school, make sure you don’t laugh or think about something small. This will make your child feel lost and abandoned, so be sure to listen to your children not only with their ears but also with their body language. Sometimes children do not affirm the seriousness of the problem, but their body language will also give them away, so you as a parent should pay attention.

What is bullying?

Bullying has been aggravated by the feeling of impunity that new technologies provide. It has severe consequences for those affected. We show how to identify it and solutions to prevent bullying abuse among all.

What should be the role-play of teachers in the school?

Currently, measures are being implemented from educational institutions to prevent bullying, as well as to raise awareness of those involved, facilitate complaints, and to avoid harassment behavior. To do this, the first thing to do is communicate the fact with the teacher and the administration, so that the school has a record of the situation and seeks a solution to cut the vicious circle of bullying.

This communication can be done both by the affected student or his parents, as well as by his classmates or recess and by the teachers themselves. For this, child care in South Carolina offers training on what are the most common manifestations or symptoms that can alert teachers that in their class, there is a case of harassment. Although to avoid being exposed, it is common for harassers to harass their victims outside educational institutions so that there are no witnesses, which makes it difficult to detect the problem.

Tips for teachers before bullying:

The intervention of teachers is significant when it comes to detecting and correcting a situation of bullying, so they must:

  • Be attentive to changes in the performance of their students, both in terms of attention in class and their results, as they are one of the clearest indices that something does not work as it should.
  • Observe if any child is isolated in class; that is, it does not interact with others, as it will be a sign that something is happening in the field of social relations.
  • Do not allow to laugh at any of your students, because that can help reinforce the feeling of the group against one of them.
  • Avoid tensions or unhealthy competitions between classmates, since they can facilitate the appearance of harassment situations outside the classroom.
  • Try to praise students alike.
  • Stop any type of aggression, by verbal indication, and, if repeated, referring the case to the address or to the counselor to intervene, so as not to hinder the healthy development of the classes.
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